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04.11.2006 22:12 - The Union for Private Economic Enterprise (UPEE) - short presentation.
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The Union for Private Economic Enterprise – UPEE (Sauz za stopanska iniciativa - SSI) was established on December, 22nd 1989 as a non-governmental, non-profit organisation and it is the first voluntary association of private enterprises in Bulgaria. More than 4 000 private companies are members of the Union and 1 200 have more than 20 employees; the existence of 140 regional branch offices in the country makes the UPEE an organisation with a wide range of activities. The UPEE has as members 27 branch organisations, such as:


  1. Bulgarian Association of Consulting Companies in Railway Construction – 11 companies representing this sector in 100% approximately as the companies specialized in this activity are certified by the Ministry of Transport and Communication.


  1. Association of Topographical Companies – 37 companies


  1. National Building Federation – 536 companies


  1. Association of Producers of Dry Construction Mixtures – 11 companies representing this sector in 100% approximately. The Association unites companies of Bulgarian legal entities only.


  1. National Association of the Bulgarian House Building Constructors – 23 companies


  1. Association for Infrastructure Development – 6 companies which are the relatively  bigger companies specialized in road building and wastemanagement


  1. Association of LPG Distributors -  32 companies


  1. Branch Chamber of Taxi Drivers and Transporters – 11 companies.

Remark: about 3 000 one-person companies and self-employed persons are in rental and franchise relations with the above 11 companies.


  1. Bulgarian Pepper Association – 92 companies including:

               Companies producing pepper and seedlings

               Companies trading in pepper and exporting for EU15 and Poland

               Transport companies

               Insurance  company

Remark: In the opinion of some experts in Industrial Relations the Bulgarian Pepper Association is the first Bulgarian cluster organization.


  1. National Association of Hop Producers – 10 companies


  1. Bulgarian Association for Rural and Ecological Tourism (BARET) – 100 companies


  1. Bulgarian Regional Media Association – 30 companies representing the substantial regional newspapers and PR agencies


  1. Association of the Bulgarian Cable Operators – 27 companies representing this sector in 100% approximately


  1. Association for Development of Information Technologies – 14 companies


  1. Union of Guard and Security Firms – 10 companies

Remark: The Union of Guard and Security Firms is a member of the National Security Council within the Ministry of Internal Affairs


  1. Guards and Detectives National Branch Chamber – 26 companies


Remark: Both the Union of Guard and Security Firms and the Guards and Detectives National Branch Chamber are member of the

       National Security Council within the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Guards and Detectives National Branch Chamber and its Chairman – Mr. Zhivko Chakraktchiev (member of the Board of the UPEE) are the leading factor in the Social Dialogue in the Private Security Sector in Bulgaria.


  1. Association of Private Labor Bureaus – 32 companies representing this sector in 100% approximately


  1. Association of the Bulgarian Market-Places – 30 companies representing this sector in 100% approximately as this business activity is legally regulated in particular.


  1. Association of Companies for Tax & Duty-Free Trades – 9 companies representing this sector in 100% approximately


  1. Bulgarian Association for Automobile Qualification (BAAQ) – 25 companies


  1. Bulgarian Lift Industrial Association –53 companies


  1. Association of Medical Clinics for Specialized Out-hospital Medical Attendance – 45 companies


  1. Branch Union for Private Economic Enterprise in Transport – 33 companies


  1. Unification of Sewing Factories “DEBA” – 16 companies


  1. Union of Dental Technicians in Bulgaria – 320 companies


  1. Association of Small Aviation in Bulgaria.


  1. Association “Owners and operators of commercial outlets”.


Thеsе organizations has officialy authorized UPEE to represent them in the National  Council for Tripartite Cooperation and in the other national bodies of tripartite or bipartite cooperation.

Besides the enumerated branch organizations, there are other organizations which are members of the UPEE:

 Bulgarian Association of Metal Traders, Bulgarian Branch Chamber - Phoenix resources (Waste processing), the National Real Estate Association, Bulgarian Association of Hotels and Restaurants, which, however, has authorized other national representative employers organizations to present them.

The UPEE has got a youth organisation – the Youth Forum for Private Economic Enterprise.


The main goal of the Union has been to assist private entrepreneurs in developing and running their businesses in difficult economic environment. One of the UPEE’s main objectives is to help create a stable and strong private sector, which can assist the recovery of the Bulgarian economy.

In 1993 the UPEE was officially recognised by the Government as a National Employers Association to represent the interests of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) in the National council for tripartite cooperation.

In 1996 the UPEE was recognised as a member of the International Employers Organisation.

Since 1993 the UPEE has been a member of the European Council for Small Business, and since 1995 – a member of the International Council for Small Business.

The Union has representatives in the Steering Committees of the National Social Security Institute and the National Employment Agency; in the General Assembly of the National Health Insurance Fund; in the Institute for Conciliation and Arbitration and in other institutions as well.

As one of the most dynamic institutions in the country, the UPEE aims to solve everyday problems of the SME, alleviate the obstacles of economic development, form a new image of the entrepreneur, represent and protect union members on the Government and Parliament level.

Since 2006 the UPEE is an associated member of the UEAPME – the representative employers organisation of craftsmen, small and medium enterprises at European Commission level.

For the last 13 years the UPEE has been working very actively with twin organisation forums all over the world some of which are the following: the International Centre for Economic Growth in San Francisco, the Japanese Association of Overseas Technical Scholarships, the Japanese Association of International Trade,  the Nederland Centres for the Promotion of Import from Developing Countries (CBI), the Federation of Belgium Entrepreneurs, the Hungarian Association of Entrepreneurs, the Hellenic Association for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and others.

On November 1st 2002 the Union of the Private Economic Enterprise became an associate member of the European Federation for Quality Management.


Main goals:

 The main goals of the Union is to help promote SME, to raise the image of the employers, to protect the rights and interests of union members.  The UPEE promotes loyal business relations, antitrust policies and fair competitiveness.

            The UPEE is most active in facilitating the adoption of new legislation; the Union participates in survey studies and projects; organises training sessions and courses; attends conferences; stimulates economic activities of union members.


The Union is actively involved in debates on draft bills, regulations, resolutions and other documents of the Government concerning economic and social policies. 

As a member of the National Tripartite Council the Union is involved in the discussions of all draft bills of the Government in the fields of restructuring, privatisation, social security, labour conditions and environment.

The UPEE takes action to protect the rights and interests of union members in cases of capable negligence from the government authorities and monopoly organisations.  The UPEE initiates legal procedures at the Constitutional Court, Supreme Courts and the Commission for Protection of Competition on the behalf of union members.

The Union actively promotes its members interests.


  • The UPEE legislative activities involve:

- Commentaries and draft amendments to the Labour Code, the Mandatory Social Insurance Code, the SME Act, the Value Added Tax Act,  the Public Procurement Act, the Taxation Procedures, the Corporate and Income Tax Act and many others


  • The UPEE participates in studies and projects,  financed by local and international programs.

- PHARE SMAEP Programme

- PHARE Social Dialogue Programme

- PHARE Consensus - 1997 - 1998

- Development of the Private Sector in Bulgaria

- Development of the Private Enterprises in Bulgaria      

- PHARE Study for Cross Border Co-operation

- Set up a Value System in Eastern Europe


  • Other activities:

- Marketing studies;

- SME training (with international trainers and lecturers)

- Hosting conferences, business meetings, workshops, etc.


  • The UPEE stimulates its member’s economic activities by:

-  Compiling and keeping data bases of domestic and foreign statutory acts;

- Compiling data bases of corporate, economic, scientific, technical and other publications relevant to the activity of the Union and the members as well. The UPEE has agreements on the exchange of business information with a number of foreign employers’ organisations;

- Providing access to local and foreign sources of information on economic and other related issues.

- Drawing up and delivering model contracts regulations, reference books, etc. to help its members in their activities. An UPEE team currently develops a pool of possible funding sources for the private SME in Bulgaria;

-Informing its members about business opportunities in the country and abroad, about auctions, exchanges, technological developments, quality and efficiency of economic activities. 




  • General Assembly
  • Board of Directors:

Chairman of the Board of Directors: Prof. Dr.  Borislav Borisov

-          Member of 39th. National Assembly; member of the Economic commission;

-          Chancellor of the University of World and  National Economics  (UWNE);

-          Chairman of the National Association of Intellectual Properties.

Deputy chairmen: Teodor Detchev, Hristo Gagov

Supervisory Council: Chairman -  Prof. Dr. Blagoy Kolev

-          Head of the Economical Sociology Department,  UNWE;

-          Deputy Chairman of the General Assembly,  UNWE.


Advisory Board: Chairman  – Prof. Dr. Nansen Behar

-          Head of the Economics Department at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridsky”;

-          Director of the Institute for Social and Political Analyses;

-          Head of the International Training Centre for SME.

Chief Executive of  the International Training Centre for SME – Nikolay Leontiev

-            Member of Social investment fond

-            Deputy Chairman of the Arbitrate Court at the Central Depositary.



Achieving successfully its objectives and operating in the interest of the further growth of the Small and Medium Sized Business in Bulgaria, the Union for Private Economic Enterprise plays an important role in the implementation of the Bulgarian economic and social policy.

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